Forever XXI in Shibuya in January 2011!

via Tokyo Fashion Daily

Forever 21’s Japan expansion is taking retail too the next level.

With HMV closing, Forever 21 will take over their much sought after Shibuya location. Located next to Shibuya Seibu and across from the Loft and the Shibuya Coach flagship store this Forever 21 store will be their largest retail space to date. With 4,000 sqm of floor space the Forever 21 will be six floors and Forever 21’s fifth location in Japan.
The new Forever 21 store will open in January after renovations are complete. On opening day expect a long queue, fantastic opening-day sale numbers and hopefully a great giveaway item.”

Now the question in everyone’s mind is… how did they get this location?

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Forever 21 lands in Tokyo

Tokyo Fashion has been reporting on the arrival of Forever 21 in Harajuku for months, and today the mothership finally landed. The media gathered, the line of Japanese fashionistas ran around the block, Don Chang made an appearance, and the Tokyo shoppers went crazy – all before noon.

The massive (19,000 square-foot) new Forever 21 shop, the first ever in Japan, is located in a prime location right next to H&M on Meiji Dori – between Takeshita Dori and LaForet Harajuku. So, being where it is, it’s natural that we might think to compare last fall’s H&M Harajuku Opening with Forever 21’s opening day, right? Well, the festivities and excitement seemed similar, thought there were definitely more people in line for H&M. Keep in mind that Forever 21 sells really cheap (low priced) fashion, and they don’t have the name recognition in Japan, or cool collaborations with brands like Comme des Garcons, that H&M does.

To say that there were less people in line for Forever 21 than there were for H&M doesn’t mean that the line today was short – far from it. The line of people waiting to get into the new Forever 21 Harajuku shop went around the block and all the way up to Harajuku Station. Rather than bore you with text, though, we’ll just post a bunch of pictures so you can see for yourself what was going on and who was there!

Source: Tokyo Fashion