H&M “Fashion Against Aids” – Katy Perry for the Tokyo Launch.


katy-perry-hmKaty Perry has joined Dita Von Teese and many other celebrities by signing up to sign up to H&M’s campaign for “Fashion Against Aids.” 

Katy’s design for the store includes a printed bodysuit, featuring a smiley face inside a heart, Female First reports. Estelle, Robyn, Tokio Hotel and N.E.R.D. are other celebrities who have contributed for the cause.

Katy’s message reads, “It’s what’s on the outside that counts,” while Estelle’s says, “Life is too short – have sex be safe.”

Legends as Cyndi Lauper and Yoko Ono designed clothing with slogans like, “Girls just wanna have safe sex” and “Imagine peace.”

Each musician has collaborated with the brand and designed a piece of clothing with a personal safe-sex slogan printed on it. The garments will be sold exclusively via H&M’s Divided departments to help increase the awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Working with charities like Designers Against AIDS, YouthAIDS, UNFPA and MTV Staying Alive Foundation the campaign donates 25 percent of the sales price from the collection to HIV/AIDS awareness projects. It goes on sale May 28.

If you happen to be in Tokyo on May 27th, don’t miss an exclusive live appearance from Katy Perry in one of the H&M stores in Tokyo to launch FAA, which will be broadcast live on-line at hm.com on May 27th, 1pm CET .

This is the second year that H&M has supported Designers Against AIDS (DAA) by sending out positive messages via the medium of fashion led t-shirts. Last year the t-shirts weren’t around for long, so you’d better act quick. And they raised 1.2 million for HIV/AIDS projects as 25% of the sale price goes to projects around the world. So it’s a very worthy cause and an excellent reason to go shopping.

Source: H&M

Photo: Daniel Jackson


December 15th – Ginza




Sorry For the late update…

Tokyo – Abercrombie & Fitch plans to make its Asian debut by opening a huge store in Tokyo’s Ginza district on Dec. 15.

The outlet will have a floor space of about 970 sq. meters and occupy the first 11 floors of a building in the 6-chome area, home to many upscale brands.

The company has about 1,000 outlets worldwide and generated sales of roughly 3.5 billion dollars in the year ended January.


Source: Nikkei

Matthew Williamson’s H&M Commercial

It’s coming a bit late… but yes there is a commercial video for the Matthew Williamson x H&M collection launched few weeks ago.

Grey-haired men, Dolce-shouldered models, pink horses and bikini-clad women star; at the end Matthew declares, “Well, I haven’t done it all, yet.”

Well we are still waiting Matthew…

Source: Fashionita

Chanel No.5 – featuring Audrey Tautou

Title: Train de Nuit by Chanel, 2009
Directed by: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Starring: Audrey Tautou and Travis Davenport

PARIS, France — Yesterday, Chanel launched its long awaited Chanel No.5 short film Train de Nuit, featuring Audrey Tautou, who is no stranger to the storied French couture brand. Often compared to Mademoiselle Chanel herself, Tautou has now twice taken on the role of the famous coutourière, most recently in Coco Avant Chanela film exploring her early life and times.

Within seconds of seeing the opening shot of the 2 minute short film, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who previously worked with Tautou on the award-winning film Amélie, the viewer is struck by Tautou’s alluring presence, as she rushes to catch the Orient Express which takes her from 1955 Paris to modern-day Istanbul in mere seconds. This is the Internet after all, so things have to happen quickly before patience wears thin and viewers click away.

On board this luxurious mahogany express train, Tautou’s fragrance catches the attention of a fellow passenger, played by American actor Travis Davenport, who becomes hopelessly addicted to our heroine, laying the foundation for a tale of intertwining destinies, woven by the threads of chance and fate.

There is no dialogue at all throughout the film and the story is conveyed entirely through the actors’ powerful body language and the soulful voice of Billie Holiday. In doing so, the film successfully captures the beauty and sophistication of Coco Chanel’s essence while delicately conveying the power of scent in seduction, almost as if it were wafting straight off the screen. This film is the strongest proof yet that the luxury brands achieve a whole new level of storytelling on the Internet, leaving two-dimensional magazine advertisements in the dust.

Source: The Business of Fashion


Madonna and Louis Vuitton Part Deux

Madonna will once again be the face of the upcoming Louis Vuitton campaign for their Autumn/Winter 2009 collection. 

Following the extraordinary success of the Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign, Louis Vuitton, its creative director Marc Jacobs, and Madonna, are proud to announce they will be collaborating for a second consecutive season. 

The iconic pop star will be photographed by Steven Meisel in New York City, under the art direction of Marc Jacobs

The first images of the campaign should appear in August issues of fashion magazines. 

Source: madonna.com

Anthology – D&G, Mario Testino and the Supermodels

D&G Anthology by Mario Testino

D&G Anthology by Mario Testino

Made up of five scents, The D&G Fragrance Anthology is set to launch globally in September, and also marks the birth of a new fragrance portfolio under the D&G brand. The five fragrances are inspired by different tarot cards, each with a distinct identity and represented by a different model, some of them iconic and all of them naked in the advertising. Gabbana and Dolce aimed to capture different sides to their personalities in the five fragrances, and gave them names referencing tarot cards and their corresponding numbers.

The scents: Le Bateleur 1, L’Imperatrice 3, L’Amoureaux 6, La Roue de la Fortune 10 and La Lune 18 were created without target, age or gender barriers. Each scent also gets its own face. Supermodels Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and Naomi Campbell, and three established male models: Fernando Fernandes, Noah Mills and Tyson Ballou — all naked — star in the scent collection’s advertising campaign shot by Mario Testino. Campbell appears in the L’Imperatrice’s visuals, the empress. Schiffer fronts the imagery for La Lune, which is the moon, and Herzigova pairs up with Fernandes in the photo for La Roue de la Fortune, the wheel of fortune.
Testino also shot a TV commercial for the collection. The ads were edited into 30- and 60-second formats. P&G executives refused to discuss budgets, but industry sources estimate, based on the high sales target, that P&G might spend as much as $20 million to $25 million on media alone.
Photography by: Mario Testino
Source / Photo Credit: WWD.com

Forever 21 lands in Tokyo

Tokyo Fashion has been reporting on the arrival of Forever 21 in Harajuku for months, and today the mothership finally landed. The media gathered, the line of Japanese fashionistas ran around the block, Don Chang made an appearance, and the Tokyo shoppers went crazy – all before noon.

The massive (19,000 square-foot) new Forever 21 shop, the first ever in Japan, is located in a prime location right next to H&M on Meiji Dori – between Takeshita Dori and LaForet Harajuku. So, being where it is, it’s natural that we might think to compare last fall’s H&M Harajuku Opening with Forever 21’s opening day, right? Well, the festivities and excitement seemed similar, thought there were definitely more people in line for H&M. Keep in mind that Forever 21 sells really cheap (low priced) fashion, and they don’t have the name recognition in Japan, or cool collaborations with brands like Comme des Garcons, that H&M does.

To say that there were less people in line for Forever 21 than there were for H&M doesn’t mean that the line today was short – far from it. The line of people waiting to get into the new Forever 21 Harajuku shop went around the block and all the way up to Harajuku Station. Rather than bore you with text, though, we’ll just post a bunch of pictures so you can see for yourself what was going on and who was there!

Source: Tokyo Fashion